Planning Application  

كنت أقرأ هذا Based on the Concept Design below, our planning application to BathNES Council, subject to a number of يرجى زيارة هنا conditions, was تلميحات إضافية permitted in April 2017. For further details please see our News page. 

مباشرة من المصدر                                                      In pdf document format - 

تداول عبر الانترنت The concept design includes

  • Restoration of the largely unaltered grade II listed buildings within Bath’s World Heritage Site
  • Creation of the world’s first community run, heated, naturally water treated (no chemicals) open air swimming pool
  • Providing a separate children’s pool heated to 28c - dimensions 9mx9mx0.7m depth
  • Potential for a children’s splash play area with water jets
  • Main pool 28m maximum length with variable depth from 1 to 2m, heated to 24-25c to accommodate a range of activities
  • Refreshment kiosk and outdoor lounging area with tables and chairs
  • Education programmes for schools in partnership with the Holburne museum and others
  • Subtle Heritage Interpretation within the site
  • Creation of lounging sitting area with shelter from sun or rain that can be used for occasional events
  • Off season cold water swimming (reduced hours subject to demand)
  • New river pontoon to access by boat services to Pulteney Bridge

                                                      In pdf document format -

اذهب الى هنا Design in detail

مباشرة من المصدر World’s First naturally treated (no chlorine), heated community-run open air swimming pool

The pools will be the first ever to use special microbiological filters to keep water clean without the use of traditional chemicals.  The pools were originally fed from the river so using a natural filter system seems fitting to return the pool to its natural freshwater origins.  The potential use of a spring or ground water source is also being investigated

تحقق من ذلك Entrance

Just 17 mins walk from the Roman Baths, the Cleveland Pools are hidden away, and entry is through a narrow gate between houses in Cleveland and Hampton Rows.  To cater for the steep sloping site an electric buggy will be available, if needed, to take visitors down to a flat area where gentle ramps give access the remainder of the site. 

There is no onsite or street parking available so the trust has a green travel plan to promote arrival by walking, cycling and local bus.  A pontoon is being built to enable visits by boat, with an option to walk back into bath along the historic Kennet & Avon Canal via Sydney Gardens, visiting other heritage attractions such as the Holburne museum.

الخيارات الثنائية منتدى الحية Appealing to all swimmers including families with young children

To ensure that pools are successful the design is being tailored to appeal to the widest possible set of users, adults, families and children of all ages.  As the site is very constrained, sloping with little flat space, the trust has recommended to cover over the existing upper pool to create a seating and lounging area in front of a refreshment kiosk.  Shading will be provided on hotter days as well as creating shelter should it rain. 

Broad steps linking upper and lower pool levels will provide further areas for sitting and lying down.

منصات تداول الثنائيات Two pools – one especially for younger children and the Main pool for competent swimmers and adults.

The existing main pool is to be split at its Eastern extension to create a shallow children’s pool approximately 9mx9mx0.7m deep.  This would be heated to around 28c.  It would be a dedicated area it is hoped would appeal to younger children, especially during cooler weather.  The children’s pool would have its own water filter and heating system to ensure high water quality in both pools, whilst reducing heating costs for the main pool which would be at a lower temperature of around 24-25c.  The main pool would have a maximum length of 29m and graded depths of 1m to 2m   This would allow for shallow diving, but not from a diving board.  Both pools would have covers to conserve heat when not in use.  Green energy sources are being researched.

New toilets and showers would be created beside the children’s pool, leaving the original changing rooms in the crescent to be fully restored.

The central cottage would also be restored and the ground floor would form the main entrance and pay point for everyone entering the site.  The first floor may become a caretaker’s flat.

The ladies pool building would be used as a multi-purpose space, larger changing room for schools, an educational space and include some historic interpretation about the former private ladies-only bathing area it contained.

مزيد من المساعدة OTHER ISSUES

خذ رابط Heritage & Education - The trust’s design team is working on detailed proposals to interpret the historical significance of the site for all visitors and tourists.  An education programme is being developed for children in line with the themes of Architecture, Social & Community History, People & Water.

حساب الخيارات الثنائية التداول التجريبي لا إيداع Opening times and heating - To begin with it is envisaged that pool would be open and heated 6 months of the year April to September.  Typical opening hours would be weekdays 7am-9am; 1pm – 7pm.  Weekends, school holidays, and Bank Holidays: 8am – 7pm. To save on costs, it not proposed to heat the pool for the remaining 6 months of the year, but if demand is sufficient to cover costs, it could be opened on more limited hours for colder water swimming at weekends or for limited weekday sessions.  The pools would be available for hire by clubs and for occasional events.

مصدر الصورة Management - The trust would run the pool for the community with a minimum of paid staff, relying on volunteers to help support them. Our Programme - A second application to the Heritage Lottery Fund will be made in October 2016, which should release a £3.7m HLF grant to help fund the development. Every £1 donated will unlock over £6 from the HLF. Once approved, building will commence early in 2017 with completion and first swims in spring 2018.

خدمة خيارات إشارات ثنائية حرة Fundraising - We have started a campaign to raise the 520,000 partnership funding it requires to secure the Lottery grant. We have already secured £363,00 towards this target.

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